10 Low-Cost Business Ideas To Try Online


Here you can buy stock, store it, pack it, pick it and ship it. Management of inventory can be a big thing in the running of a business. In dropshipping third-party supplier stores and ships the inventory to customers on your behalf. You need to make sales and then pass the order. Here you can curate products from one or more suppliers which focus on a specific niche. There are local and overseas suppliers that you can work with. It is the low investment way to test product-market fit and launch of business before you invest in original products.

 Sell Printed-On-Demand T-Shirts:

Print on demand means that the inventory, shipping, and fulfillment is in the hand of a third-party supplier. It is not the same as dropshipping. Here the focus is customization with own design to create something original. T-shirts, phone cases, hoodies can be the canvas of your creativity. There is a print-on-demand platform that you can work with. You can integrate this with Shopify for order fulfillment.

 Launch Your Own Book:

A book is not just any other type of product. You can create one to serve the demand of the customers. You can create cookbooks, picture books, comic books, poetry books, coffee table books, and novels. There is a variety of books and you can launch your original one in the market. Printing on demand is a safe way to test the waters. Here you can control the quality of the books. You can consider preselling or crowdfunding.


 Create Digital Products:

create digital products like music courses, unique templates. They do not recur manufacturing or shipping cost so the margins can remain high. The trick to evaluating the product is whether the people are willing to pay for it. The product can be instrumentation beats or stock photos which can help people to level up their skills in the particular field.

 Sell Print On Demand Posters, Greeting Cards:

If you are artistically inclined then you can dropship on-demand business model. You have to be sure about the content that you can print. If you are using a public domain report then you can freely monetize. If you are a cartoonist or a photographer then you can give this business a try.

 Setup Charitable Business: 

Make a non-profit charitable organization that can help to fund a better world. Having a mission with business and profit can give social entrepreneurs a way to position their company while addressing the issue they care about the most. If a brand is careful about the good cause then people accept their product.

 Sell service:

You can go for service-based businesses. Here time is the inventory and the investment. You got a limited supply of hours in the day. You can get up and start if you have the skills that are in demand. Writers, designers, developers, photographers can build more business as per their skill.

 Create a fashion boutique:

If you love fashion then you can make your online fashion boutique. You can sell dresses, shoes in that boutique.

You can also sell hand-crafted and homemade goods. You can create your social media channel and monetize it.

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