How Does Infrared Heating Technology Work?

Infrared heaters, also called radiant heaters, use infrared light that is not visible to the human eye. Like what the sun gives us, infrared or radiant heat will heat the things surrounding other people and us sending the heat to the skin’s surface.

Objects hanging around the house also absorb the heat from the infrared heater, thus warming the room using different things and the people with the warmth from the heater.

As the air has no heat and circulation, there is a difference in the room temperature from the top of the room to the ground by about 2 to 3 degrees.

Other types of heaters can circulate the warm air using a fan that will heat the air, cutting down the oxygen in the room and the humidity in the whole room.

No matter what the best infrared heaters are suitable for, we all know the benefits. Infrared heaters do not need oxygen in the room, and there is less need for humidifiers during the winter season. It does not dry the air out, either. No matter what are the best infrared heaters good for, we all know the benefits.

Infrared Heater Types

Personal Infrared heaters: Private heaters like the ones for the floor and wall will provide supplemental warmth in tiny areas, like living rooms or bedrooms.

Infrared Stoves:

It is made for heating up to more than a thousand square feet, and many infrared heaters suit fitting insulated interior rooms. Infrared fireboxes are excellent for electric stoves.

Garage Infrared Heaters:

These types of infrared heaters are used inside the working environment, like garages and other industrial sites. There will be a large amount of heat output, and the heater size which makes the heater appropriate for prominent heating places. Places that also benefit from these infrared heaters are loading docs and warehouses.

Outdoor Heaters:

These outdoor heaters are also practical and safe solutions when thinking of outdoor heating. Patios, made for houses and restaurant roofs, are outdoor heaters that create a large amount of heat for a closed-up space and give out more warmth in the cool weather. Pick between propane and electricity.

Bathroom Infrared Heaters:

Some people like the warmth of infrared sitting in the bathroom. Infusing the bathroom will give people warmth in the winter with infrared heating. It warms up rooms between 100 to 500 square feet.

Heating Power Types

Infrared heaters are made to work well no matter what energy or fuel it is using.


Some garage or infrared heaters can also be hardwired when gas is not available as another option. In these different cases, infrared electric heaters can also be placed strategically where the heat is needed and used to heat prominent places, like warehouses. Be aware that heaters are made in a pattern that gives direct heat.

Propane Gas

Propane heaters that are infrared heaters, which people call the top tank heaters, are great for job sites and portable so that the workers can use the heat immediately. Other applications are excellent placements for infrared propane heaters and great for one-spot heating.

Natural Gas Heater

These infrared heaters are used mainly outdoors and are great for dispersing heat wherever necessary. Features like different burners, ceilings, or ignition are great for patios, and an expert is needed to install them.


Now that you know what are the best infrared heaters suitable for, it is time to get one for your house today!

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