4 Top Reasons for Buying Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins have been around for decades. It has been in use since World War I in the military. Custom challenge coins were given to the soldiers to recognize their achievements in the service, which motivated them to achieve more merits in the service. Other government authorities adopted the custom challenge coins; private companies joined them before long. The coins are used to reward the employee of the year, the salesperson of the month, and the most effective team of the organization.

Custom challenge coins must be a thing that should be created for a long time, and it is best to make it a part of an organization’s characteristics as you have to make sure that everyone who performs well in their job must be treated well.

Embrace Artistic Freedom

Custom challenge coins aid you in embracing your creative and innovative side. You might be able to select the enamel type, design the artwork and even pick the color of plating for the coin. As artists try new designs and creative ideas, many challenge coins have broken the mold.

Some of the challenge coins show a simple image with deep meaning. The wording and art you choose must show the essence of the coin. For example, if the coin is for a corporate event, you should use the logo of that organization. Make sure to match the color combination of the organization brand with the coin color.

As far as the enamel is concerned, you have to prefer hard and soft enamels. Soft enamels are the most accepted choice for challenge coins. Also, they are easy to work with and are less expensive. But, if you have to use silkscreen for your challenge coin, a hard enamel would be the best option.

You should pick a color that suits the design color for the plating color. The plating color must also work well with whatever enamel color you may work with.

An Expert Coin Maker Makes the Challenge Coins

The design base of the custom challenge coin is a beautiful design. You may tell the coin maker the type of design you want, and they will craft it for you. If it is not what you have in mind or you find minor flaws in the finished product, you may send it back to them until they carve every edge and corner of it perfectly.

Customer Service

At lonestarchallengecoins.com/coin-types, they offer the best experience on the market. People should be assured that their coins may arrive exactly how they envision them. They don’t charge for revisions or any art and stand behind the quality and craftsmanship that they sell.

Unlimited Giving Opportunities

Vacations are not the only time to express feelings and offer gifts. Custom-made challenge coins give you the power to give gifts at any time of the year. These coins may offer you unlimited giving chances as you may personally design them for each option. If you have kids, you may reward design challenge coins from www.lonestarchallengecoins.com/coin-types for their hard work. The coins might be the best thing to celebrate for achieving an academic goal or an excellent report card.

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