Everything You Must Know About Kibbe Body Type Quiz

The kibbe body types are 13 different style types depending on personal essence and physical characteristics. The system was launched in the 1980s by David Kibbe.

Unlike the conventional body shape theory that concentrates on achieving symmetry and balance, Kibbe’s archetypes are in line with the essence theory of style. These theories focus on building an overall harmonious style remark on an individual rather than concentrating on styling different parts of the body.

An image professional in 1987, David Kibbe, based in New York City, published a book named A Personal Image and Style, Metamorphosis, Book for Women.

The Kibbe Body Type Quiz System

The kibbe body types quiz is a total system of images depending on an individual’s balance of masculine and feminine energy (Yang and Yin). There are 13 various body types, each falling along two axes: blended/ contrast and Yang/ Yin.

Where on the spectrum, individuals land varying on the personal essence and may consider their kibbe image identity type. Kibbe’s body type comes with regulations that cover overall aspects of personal appearance that includes makeup, clothing, and hair. The objective is to achieve a harmonious and complete appearance.

How the Kibbe Body Types Quiz Compare To Other Body Type Theories

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Conventional style theories don’t go far for David Kibbe and, from his point of view, are limited. Their concentration is to achieve symmetry and balance. Kibbe rejects this idea as he believes that it leads each person to look the same. Also, he encourages one to have a perfect balance and emphasizes one’s natural look. Also, Kibbe advises taking a holistic approach to looking instead of random fashion trends.

The primary advantage is that Kibbe’s theory has more conventional body type theories is that it is body-positive. It indicates how drastically the body evolves via plastic surgery and it may not improve it but distort the native lines of the body.

Imagine that you have a long, lean body that has enhanced at the bust line. These things might appeal unnatural as they are not native to the rest of the body lines or an angular face on which lips are treated with filler to make them round and full. These corrections are just the opposite of what the process was supposed to achieve.

Style essences were first launched in the 1930s and 1940s by textile professors. Kibbe’s archetypes are the same as another style theory named style essences. Similar to Kibbe body types, style essences include recommendations on fabrics, silhouettes, lines, colors, and patterns, and these style essences are complete pictures. Kibbe’s archetype is the same as style essences but varies in the essence number.

For example, the theory of style essence covers seven pure essences. Kibbes have only five of these essences. Also, style essence theory aids in the mixing of essences with each other. In Kibbe’s system, not all essences get associated with a special archetype. Kibbe’s body type quizzes are more limited.


This article discussed the basic things about the Kibbe body types quiz and what it is all about.


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