We Are Sentinels

Summer Solstice Tour 2019 | June 14-16

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Behold, the birth of
We are Sentinels

From the minds of vocalist Matt Barlow (Ex-Iced Earth and Pyramaze, and current vocalist of Ashes of Ares) and keyboardist, pianist, and composer Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze and Teramaze) comes a new and bold genre of music and creative vision. Combining the epic soundscapes of full and emotive cinematic scores, elegant and beautiful piano melodies, a touch of Metal, and the thundering and dynamic vocals of Barlow. We Are Sentinels is set to take the world by storm while pushing the boundaries and preconceived notions of what is sonically possible.


official album teaser

powerful vocals and sweeping orchestrations

With the fanbase to back Barlow and Weingarten, (and over hundreds of thousands combined albums sold respectively) the audience is hyped, welcoming, and ready for something as fresh and as exciting as We Are Sentinels. With influences ranging from Hans Zimmer, Enya, Apocalyptica, Two Steps From Hell, and the pre-established works of Matt and Jonah, there is something unique and special here that simply can't be described with words.


the details

  • Massive established fan base and a combined 45 years and counting of experience in the music industry.

  • Rich background and history of legendary albums.

  • Breaking boundaries, walls, and creating a new genre of powerful and cinematic music.

  • An eye catching and epic visual representation for live shows.

  • Quenching the industry's thirst for something pioneering and new.